Over a period of 15 years, Smallgod has dabbled in the African music industry as the plug, a connector, artist manager and publisher and now, artist. Expanding his skill and talent in A&R, Small god releases his debut album, “Building Bridges”- an offering that connects Africa and the African diaspora through music. The streetwear enthusiast and culture connoisseur is taking a leap of faith and leading a charge for pan-Africanism through music.

Raised between Ghana, London and the Netherlands, Smallgod, also known as Nana Appiasei, became exposed to different cultures and music at an early age. Plus, a wanderlust which led him to North and South America, Smallgod has developed an expansive taste in music which cuts across cultures and genres. Entrenched and involved with fashion and streetwear, Smallgod has been involved with Daily Paper, the Netherland based streetwear brand which has all contributed to an ability to blend various sonic styles of Africa and the diaspora on the afro-fusion album.

Fueled by the fiery desire to connect and help progress African music, Smallgod fully dedicated himself to creating the Building Bridges album - the first step in using the arts and creativity to connect Africans globally. His charismatic and amiable character has been the superpower that has helped glue Afropop and afrobeats musicians across the African continent and the diaspora to contribute to the album. ‘Building Bridges’ is Smallgod’s first offering to the industry and showcases collaboration among the various regions of Africa and the African diaspora in a way that has never been explored. “Togetherness is the answer,” says Smallgod.

Project: Building Bridges
Year: 2021
Role: PR and Campaign Rollout Strategy