Crowned ‘Conjurer of worlds’ , Turunesh’s musical moments are monumental on stage and on the record. At 14 years old Turunesh married her love for writing poetry and singing. Shyly releasing original songs on Soundcloud and selectively sharing her links with a small circle of friends, Turunesh had no idea that she would become a pioneer of Tanzania’s alternative arts scene. A truly multifaceted artist, the Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and creative director is becoming a leading voice amongst her peers in the realm of East African music. Known for her fluid and freeform approach to neo soul, Turunesh encapsulates the goddess essence of her songs 'Cigarette' and ‘Rum & Butter.’ Her unique sensual sound and lyrical suave has solidified her as a feminist, Pan-African artist on the rise.

Project: Satin Cassette
Year: 2021
Role: PR, Media & Playlist Pitching, Campaign Rollout Strategy